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What We Can Learn From Allen Stanford

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Lookin' to start a Ponzi scheme? It's not for everyone but if you really think you're cut out for it, listen up. Allen Stanford has started a mentor program to guide the next generation of would-be Ponziers. Tip number one, which comes via CNBC's Scott Cohn while Sir Stan is otherwise detained: Find yourself a regulator who will "look the other way" in exchange for, I don't want to call them bribes 'cause it's such a dirty word, but, okay, bribes. Stanford would hook you up with his guy, Antigua regulator Leroy King, but he's busy being indicted for hiding info from the SEC for years vis-a-vis Stanford Financial. Don't worry though, Big Al's got a Rolodex full of other names he can send you. Next up: impressing potential investors at the gym. You'll want to pay attention to this chapter. In Stanford's experience, suckers love a good grunt.