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Who Wants To Be On TV?

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Now's your chance! Today we offer you two avenues for getting in front of the camera. A) Shoot an email to Dennis Kneale, who is looking for volunteers to jello-wrestle him on the floor of the NYSE for a very special episode of Power Lunch (DK will provide you with a onesie, he'll be dressed as a chicken) and B) this:

MTV's award-winning documentary series True Life is producing an episode entitled "I'm a Gambler." This project will feature three young people who love to gamble - whether their passion is sports betting, casino tables or wagering on the stock market. The intent of the show is to get an inside look into the exciting and unique world of an avid gambler.
We're currently seeking a young person who day trades with their own money in order to get by. This person needs to have a lot invested in to their wagers, be it because they recently lost their job or that they are severely in debt. Our goal is to find someone with a dynamic personality who can give us an inside look at the highs and lows of gambling on the stock market every day.
Please note, the person needs to be under 26 years of age. Applicants who also gamble on sports or table games are especially encouraged to apply.
This episode of True Life will be produced for MTV through Gigantic! Productions. At Gigantic!, we've received multiple accolades for our programming including 2 Prism Awards, 2 GLADD Awards and our episode of 'True Life: I'm Deaf' was recently nominated for an Emmy Award. We've also produced several other episodes of True Life including 'True Life: I'm Going to Fashion Week', 'I'm Moving to New York' and 'I'm Going to Fat Camp'.
If you're interested in this project, please send a biography along with a current picture of yourself to