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Who Wants To Buy Some Stuffed Animal Heads (For A Good Cause)?

This is what we're talking about! None of this asset liquidation of boats named Bull or wives named Ruth business. I want bodies-- dead bodies. Above the prized possessions of admitted Ponzier Shawn Merriam. More than 100 "wildlife trophies," including Russian black bears, African bongos, zebras, collected by Merriman during his many safaris over the years, are being sold by the government with proceeds going to his bilked investors. Ray Hatfield, the guy standing next to Mr. Moose, who has mounted Merriman's kills for some time now, is prepping them at Nature's Design Taxidermy (Hatfield actually jumped the gun on this one, having started to sell the animals before a court order was obtained, but none have left the state so everybody can just chill). In the market for a helix- antlered kudu of Africa? Get in touch!


Who Wants To Buy A Wealth Management Firm?

Barclays' might be up for grabs, if you know anyone who's interested.

Who Wants To Buy A $150 Million Condo?

If it's you, consider today your lucky day! This one can be yours for the low, low price of $18,750,000 per bathroom.