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Will Angelo Mozilo Use Ed McMahon's Passing To Rehabilitate His Image?

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As you're all sadly aware, Ed McMahon is dead. Despite rumors that EMcM's Bevery Hills home was going to be foreclosed on by Countrywide, after the entertainer fell behind $644,000 on his $4.8 million mortgage due to the fact that he was unable to work having been bedridden with a broken neck, an unnamed private investor bought the place, which McMahon and his wife have been renting. Presumably Mrs. McMahon will relocate and the home will be sold, leaving us with two question, however morbid to ask. 1) Will Ed's passing up the value of the manse and 2) Will Angelo Mozilo, who has been looking for more friends and less death threats these days, do the right thing and buy the place? And turn it into an Ed McMahon memorabilia museum/gift shop, which would probably at least ingratiate him to a handful of Star Search fans, and get those rat bastards at the NYT and WSJ to finally write something nice about him (obviously the FT's in the can)?
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Angelo Mozilo: Countrywide Was The Cadillac Of Mortgage Lenders

In June 2008, Countrywide founder and CEO Angelo Mozilo stood before a group of CFC shareholders and, through salty tears, told them that Bank of America would "reap the benefits of what we have sowed." He wasn't kidding, and in the 4+ years since Ken Lewis paid $4 billion for the place, BofA has had the pleasure of ponying up an additional $40 billion (and counting) in write-downs and legal fees associated with cleaning up Countrywide's messes, while CEO Brian Moynihan has publicly described the acquisition as an albatross around his neck. Additionally, Ang Moz forked over $67.5 million in 2010 to "resolve SEC claims that he misled investors," and separately, there has been talk by some that Countrywide contributed in no small way to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. In light of all that, does Ang Moz, have any regrets about the way his company was run? Not a fucking one and if he had to do it all over? He wouldn't change a thing.