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Write-Offs: 06.29.09

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$$$Should a Victim's Tale of Woe Move a Judge? Like In The Case Of You Know Who? [WSJ]
$$$Allen Stanford will spend at least one more night in jail [Houston Chronicle]
$$$ Madoff Mailbag: Letters have started to arrive at Madoff Investors essentially offering the net capital ($ in less $ out) up to $500K. Discomforting, to me at least, is that it includes a Release letter. Not sure why there needs to be a release. SIPC should pay what is right; not cut some deal a la "here's $x we'll give you now in exchange for not asking for any more."
$$$ Bernie Madoff quietly slipped $2 million into a foundation created by son Mark as the walls started closing in. Was this part of a scheme to divert cash? [TDB]
$$$ State Street Says Regulators May Sue On Mortgage Losses [NYT]
$$$ This what we need more of [YouTube]