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You Gonna Take That, Beard?

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So, we're happy to see that Secretary Geithner has gotten a bit more comfortable with regard to public speaking and being in front of the camera. It's been quite the awkward trip for a while but he really seems to be coming into his own. And that's nice. Before this morning's hearing got underway he looked downright giddy having his picture taken. Ear to ear smile and asking those up front to get his good side. The mics weren't on but we're pretty sure we saw him mouth "Brooks Brothers," having mistakenly thought the paparazzi wanted to know what he's wearing today. But the li'l fella is possibly getting a bit too comfortable with his newfound celeb status as evidenced by this overstepping just now.

Senator Corker: "Thank you Mr. Chairman--uh-- Mr. Secretary."
Geithner: "I'm not 'Mr. Chairman.' Yet."

Excuse me? Excuse YOU, T. Geith. A) Know your place. Bernanke's been on the scene longer, and, with all due respect, in comparison you're just some guttersnipe. B) Have we not learned that B-nanke, and not really Paulson, was the one threatening to bring the noise on Ken Lewis's house, and that one more of these little slips--ONE MORE-- and he will fuck you up with some truth? You'd be wise to backpedal before answering the next question. You meant no disrespect and all that jazz. Just a suggestion.