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85 Broad Being Evacuated?

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A friend downtown tells us the House of Goldman appears to be in the midst of an evacuation, with "security types directing people to the side of the building, but only 2 police sirens or anything." No idea what's up, though it's not necessarily a panic situation. It could just be that they needed to make room for the money, which is being brought in tonight in twenty dollar denominations for everyone to strip down and roll around in for ten minutes tomorrow morning, just to get a taste of what life could be like come bonus time if they keep it up (if they don't keep it up they'll be rolling around in the sweat of a noted Italian-American reporter, accrued from a day-long shoot of his self-funded exercise video, taped, without permission, on the GS trading floor). Presumably there's nothing to see here, but if you know what's going on, Maxine, get in touch. In related news, this lady says Goldman owes us all money and if they're not going to hand it over we're just gonna have to go get it ourselves.
Update: Still unclear what's happening, though apparently "it looks like a drill," not specifically having anything to do with fire but more like a what-to-do in the very likely event M. Waters storms the building before Labor Day, when guards are down and they're least suspecting it.


2 World Financial Center Evacuated, "Suspicious Package" Being Investigated [Update: Break's Over]

Building 2 is home to Nomura Securities, among others. According to the Daily News reports the package is thought to contain a grenade. Update: Though initially worried about what was going on, Nomura employees are apparently "pretty calm right now" and "gathered at a local bar waiting to see what's next." Nomura NY Offices Evacuated Due To Suspicious Package, Traders Say [MarketBeat] NYPD Investigating Suspicious Package at World Financial Center [Bloomberg] World Financial Center evacuated after suspicious package found [NYDN]