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A Green Shoot From The SEC

In its crusade to uncover fraud and protect investors from getting Ponzied, the SEC is dedicating some of its resources to Steve Jobs' health. Mary Schapiro's troops are sniffing around trying to determine if Apple's board witheld material information from investors while they were huddled together monitoring Jobs' vital signs from mission control between the Jan. 5th announcment that he had a hormone imbalance and the Jan. 14th announcement that he was taking a 5 and a half month medical hiatus. Apple investors had to suffer through a 59% gain in the company's stock while Jobs was away. The SEC's ability to spend time going after Apple while junior Madoffs are likely packing their bags to escape to countries without extradition treatries can only be viewed as a green shoot.
Apple Disclosures Said to Be Subject of SEC Review [Bloomberg]