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And We're Back

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1:40 If possible, it appears as though whatever condition is going on with Paulson's skin has gotten worse, and that it's starting to peel.
1:45 Rep. Cummings: do you think it was fair that Merrill Lynch paid out huge ass bonuses before the deal went through? Do you think it was ethical?
Paulson: Those are two words.
Rep. Cummings: Oh, we've got a college boy in the house. Did you think it was fair?
Paulson: I'd rather not say.
Cummings pinch hitting for Maxine Waters. You worked at Goldman, did you not? You told former Goldman guy Ed Liddy to go run AIG. GS received a metric asston of money from AIG. WHAT THE FUCK HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL MY CONSTITUENTS ABOUT THAT?
Paulson: Can I just say you and your friends are doing a phenomenal job? Really.
Rep. whose named I missed (but nice tie) would like to know what the government's exit strategy is. Paulson no longer works for the government, and spends most days bird watching and counting the clams he made while working at GS, so he doesn't much know or care.
Rep. McHenry: In my hand, I have phone records between you and Mr. Bernanke. On one given day, you spoke five times. Is that standard?
Paulson: Yeah, pretty average. You know how the balls and chains can get. Constantly popping in to just say hi.
Rep McHenry: Well it doesn't seem "pretty average" to me. It all seems pretty shady. Shall I read from one of the call?
Paulson: Knock yourself out, I got nothing to hide.
Rep. McHenry [clears throat]: Ben, it's Hank. Only have five minutes. What are you we-
Paulson: Okay I'm good, no more reading.

2:02 Is Paulson prepared to take responsibility for issuing the threat? Hell yeah is. You take ownership of something your proud of, and threatening that drunk while bikingskiingkayakingrunning with the bulls having his Paulsons shorn in order to save the world is one of HP's proudest moments.
2:17 Lady Representative from Ohio is pissed about the sweet deal that Warren Buffett got. Did you personally selected the buxom prosties (WB's special preferred dividend)? He's not going to answer that.
2:25 If there was some legal way to save Lehman, and if Hank weren't always trying to make his brother look bad, they would've.
2:33 Apparently Paulson should've recused himself of everything that was going on in the fall because he worked at Goldman Sachs and it was a conflict of interest. Something about how maybe he became Treasury Secretary so he wouldn't have to pay taxes? Are we confusing HP with certain elfin' fellow, Rep. Stearns?
2:39 Goldman is set to pay record setting bonuses this year, most of it coming from blood money. What do you think of that? "I don't have a comment since I no longer work there but in all honesty? Break me off a piecea that! Do you know if they're hiring? Think I got a shot?"
Paulson has a 4:45 flight to catch. Peace, plebes, vote GS.