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Attention Las Vegas: Charlie Gasparino And Larry Kudlow Will Soon Be Upon You

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Just little FYI for anyone in Nevada: Charlie Gasparino is en route to Vegas circa now, Larry Kudlow is meeting him there later. The duo is making the trip supposedly under the guise of business (both are speaking at a conference tomorrow about "the screw-ups of the SEC" and on Friday Gaspo is participating in a mock trial-- really-- wherein he and a bunch of high school students* will try and convict the top convict of capitalism. CG is playing the role of "star witness" along with Steve Forbes and John Mackey). I don't think I have to tell you, though, they're expecting to be shown a good time. Chaz and Kuds will be staying at the Bellagio (they're going to give Daddy the Rainman suite, with separate beds, supposedly) and are scheduled to dine at Rao's tonight at 9, Frank Pellegrino being a close friend and associate of CG. Gasparino claims he doesn't gamble, preferring instead to spend his time at Rehab; you know what Kudlow wants. Prepare yourselves accordingly and if you've got any ideas for stuff they just have to do while over there please share it with the group. Sources say CG already has plans to find two waitresses and pull himself a Fredo (or Senator Geary, whichever), so you'll have to think bigger than that, but in the same genre.
*That's an assumption on my part, I don't actually know if the other participants are kids, but it's a good guess.