Bank Of America, Citi To Hot Box Break Rooms On Taxpayer Dime?


Boys, I think we've finally found a program we can all feel good about funding: on-site man caves. Places for government workers to chill and just get high and shoot the shit and max and relax while gettin' paid. Like these janitors in Albany, Louis Marciano and Gary Pivoda. They've received $23,738 and $4,732, respectively to light up while "working" since 2004.

The pair were suspended last week after state Inspector General Joseph Fisch's office raided their alleged hangout on July 14. Their so-called "man cave," situated inside the East Garage off Phillip Street, featured couches, a television and DVDs, a refrigerator, and rolling papers and scales to weigh marijuana, the IG's office said in announcing suspensions of the men on Friday.
Fisch's office alleged the men used the secret party lounge, located in a maintenance area, to sell drugs, get high and sleep while other janitors cleaned Pivoda's section in the garage. The IG's office said the janitor made pot deliveries in his OGS vehicle to electricians, plumbers and fellow state workers. He was charged with misdemeanor use of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of marijuana.

You see where I'm going with this, yeah? It could increase productivity, maybe, but more importantly it'd make working at places like government owned Bank of America and Citi, a little more fun. You know Ken Lewis would go for it-- his office pretty much fits the above description already if you add some kegs, broken glass and piss in the corner-- and Vikula could be easily convinced.
Man Cave Workers Got Overtime [Times Union via Daily Intel]