Bank of America To Get Lap Dance Friendly In The Near Future? (Update)


If Ken Lewis has his way, yes! For the Victorians in Charlotte, this will come as a huge disappointment. For the Hasselhoffs (pictured at left), get psyched. From Bank of Amerillwide HR tips line:

Thought everyone should that George Ellison, the George Ellison whose behavior in Vegas a few years back scarred employees into leaving BAC for UBS (after they were threatened to keep it on the DL), is third in line to take over at Bank of America, having been promoted by Ken Lewis all these years and supported by Lewis no matter what. He's also overseeing public bailout monies, which are probably going towards hookers and blow.

Update: Don't break out the blow just yet:

Ellison does not manage the bailout money and he definitely isn't under consideration to for KLs job. Ellison is a life long investment banker that currently manages structured finances. He lack of corporate banking experience combined with his very well known personal issues will never pass the board.