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Ben Bernanke Dropping Serious Hint

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That we should offer to buy him a drink so he can tell us off the record how he really feels about the bailouts? This is what he said while (presumably) sober last night during a town hall hosted by Jim Lehrer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Imagine what would slip after we got him sufficiently lathered up? (About the bailouts, that "hayseed" at Bank of America,* and his predecessor, who, post two or three--I can't decide which-- scotches neat or Mai Tais with an umbrella, would be referred to as "that backpack of dicks. He's not standing right behind me is he? Christ, you scared the piss out me."):

"I had to hold my nose and stop those firms from failing. I'm as disgusted about it as you are."

Also: "The Federal Reserve has been putting the pedal to the metal."
*"I told Hank, fuck the threats, let's end this guy now. One bullet, boom. Done. He's going to cause trouble otherwise. And I was right. Beer wench, another round for my friends here."