Bernie Madoff Finally Getting The Love And Respect He Deserves


Naturally it's not coming from Ruth, who will just not quit it with the endless refrains of "you ruined my life!" but instead Bernie-boy's new family-- his neighbors on the cell block. Seems they've really taken a shine to the Ponzier, with a few convicts telling the Post they downright dig him. Apparently some respect was earned prior to move-in day, on account of the fact that Mades pleaded guilty without ratting anyone out, that we know of. That shows loyalty, and counts for a lot in prison culture. Also, even though he knows he's the shit, Bernie's just been acting like one of the guys. "He's a regular dude," one convict said. "He's a really good guy, he's nice." Hopefully B's fellow criminals are openly expressing how they feel about him, since, although recently securing a gig engraving desk and door nameplates helped in the self-esteem department, he could still really use the confidence boost:

Every day's a bad hair day for Bernie, who was shocked at seeing how much his hair had grown and how unkempt it has looked since he was incarcerated in March.
"When I finally looked in the mirror, I scared myself, because I haven't seen myself in four months, and my hair was everywhere," Madoff told fellow inmates last week.