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Bernie Madoff On The Move

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CNBC reports that Ponzi-boy is headed south, bound for a Butner, North Carolina federal prison, where he'll be greeted by approximately 3,400 new roommates (with some marquee names among them: Omar Abdel-Rahman of the WTC bombings, former Adelphia Communications CEO John Rigas, a naval officer who spied for Israel, and a Colombo crime boss). The news is sure to please Ken Lewis, who's already clearing his schedule to make visits, but sadden Ruth, who was overheard telling a friend she was hoping the hubs would get locked up in Otisville, New York, during what sounds like the most depressing dinner to take place at the California Pizza Kitchen ever.
Update: Apparently Bernie's headed for a nice little place, which prison experts are describing as a the crème de la crème of prison spreads.