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Bernie Madoff's Penthouse: Basically A Dump

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Brokers recently suffered the indignity of being "cattle-called" into the house that lies like "you can trust me with your money" built to assess what the sale of 133 East 64th Street might fetch. What kind of figure are we looking at? Talkin' Neverland Ranch numbers? Apparently not, for three reasons. A. taint of the scam 2. the place is a shithole D. no nudie shots of Ruth left behind (I'm serious about that one).

One of the agents there guessed that the penthouse is worth $8 million, but will sell for less because of its ignominy--and its condition, which, despite Mr. Madoff's reputation for punctiliousness, is imperfect. "So not triple-mint," an agent said. "That to me was incredibly surprising."
"I thought it was eerie," another said. "The place was left as if someone got out in the middle of the night. All the clothes were there, there was a note,* there was a cup of coffee on, I think, his desk. The only thing that was gone were the photos: the picture frames had no pictures."

*Dated December 10, it appears to be a list of pros/cons to confessing. Cons include: "Ruth's gonna be so mad," pros: "I'll finally get to see what D taste like."