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Bernie 'n Boys Kick Off Road Trip

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CNBC reports that everyone's favorite Ponzier is en route to North Carolina,* having spent the night in an Atlanta penitentiary. No word on what route his handlers are taking, but odds are they'll be stopping off at a biker bar or two along the way, so if you happen to run into them let us know. As for Bernie's new digs, and more specifically, when and how you'll be allowed to visit him there, some helpful ground rules have been laid out here. Notable among them are guidelines for what's considered appropriate attire, in case any of you (Ken Lewis) were planning on skanking it up.

*Officials would not confirm that Butner, NC is Ponzi-Boy's final destination. Obviously it's entirely possible they're just trying to throw us off the trail, and that Big B could be half way to Fiji, or the Catskills, at this point..