Bernie v. MJ: If You Had To Choose

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If you had to decide between living in a home formerly inhabited by a guy who ripped off a whole buncha Jews (and Kevin Bacon) or a pop-star who possibly molested children, which would you pick? The latter comes with trains, animals and I can't quite put my finger on it but something that just makes you want to dance but also the whole (maybe) touching of kids factor (plus the possibility of unannounced pop-ins by Joe Jackson). The former's previous resident was, by all accounts, a dick who ruined a lot of people but I just feel like for most people that'd be preferable to the risk of finding Macaulay Culkin and Webster under the floor boards. The Journal is apparently on (and very much in the can for) Team MJ today, writing that "it was one thing for Colony Capital to buy Michael Jackson's Neverland, which was purchased before the singer's recent death and at the time carried only the faint stigma of Mr. Jackson's legal and financial troubles" but it would be quite another to lay down clams for one of Madoff's pads. Personally, we very much like the idea of sleeping where a criminal slept but would prefer the home of a cooler one, like Charles Manson (blood stains on the wall are a must), so for us it'd be 1) Manson 2-7) The Juice 8) Bernie 9) Stanford 10) MJ. Now you go.
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You Don't Have To Look Like That If You Don't Want To

Have the past several years wreaked havoc on your looks? Is your face starting to look like an old catcher's mitt? Do you wake up with new wrinkles every day? Do you stare into the mirror and wonder who the old, haggard looking man staring back is? Does it look like a bag lady has taken up residence under your eyes? Do you catch a glimmer of your reflection and think, "Why would anyone want to fuck me? I'm hideous." Are you generally disgusted with yourself? Do you want to do something about it, something involving a doctor's office and needles, but are afraid of what people might think? Don't be! According to Bloomberg lots of guys are taking 20 to "refresh" themselves and in fact, financial services employees represent "the fastest growing segment" of Dr. Dendy Engelman's "patient population." Everybody does it, it's just that no one talks about it. Easing Stress In Time For The Weekend [BloombergTV]