Call Charlie Gasparino When You're Risking The Loss Of Limbs On The Job


Until then suck it up. Gasparino claims today in the Post that Ken Lewis is going to have to meet the demands of the SEIU re: bank tellers or possibly get fired because apparently there's a chance Obama will get rid of the CEO since the union helped the prez get elected and Obama could conceivably feel like he owes them one. Gaspo has got a problem with this for a whole buncha reasons, one of them being that he's skeptical that the SEIU's main goal is the recovery of the financial system, which is what the group has been running its collective mouth saying. The other is that guess what? Being a bank teller isn't the sort of job where you could get killed. The SEIU, to our knowledge, has never actually claimed this was the case but CG wants to put it out there anyway.

And I have some trouble seeing how being a bank teller is akin to working at a sweat shop. My dad was a union wire lather (a form of iron worker), a job where men risked their lives on the job nearly every day. He nearly lost his leg in one accident, and suffered a near life-threatening concussion in another.