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Charlie Gasparino Doesn't Respond To "Nobodies"

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But since we asked nicely, in the case of Janet Tavakoli, Chaz will make an exception. Tavakoli got some Gaspo-related issues off her chest this morning, including but not limited to what she believes is a hypocritical inability on Chazza's part to allow people (Joe Kernan, Dennis Kneale, etc) to interrupt him, and "caving" to Goldman Sachs, after he was invited to 85 Broad for lox and a schmear. Here's what CG had to say about that:

"I generally don't respond to people who don't matter on Wall Street. But any rational, sane person who hasn't been either hitting the bottle or smoking a joint would watch what I said about Goldman Sachs and come away with two things. 1) I am very tough on them-- they always complain about what I say. and 2) In the so-called 'caving' clip I was letting them give their side of the story because that's what journalists do. If someone named Janet thinks I'm selling out, she's entitled to her opinion, which I hate to break it to her, really doesn't matter.

We also asked CG how he felt about Tava-K's low-blow, re: Gaspo never making it to the Golden Gloves, on account of an injury, which he's claimed, several times, is the biggest regret of his life. "She's not important enough to give me a low blow," Chaz told us. "The guy that owns the pizza place down the block I care more about than some lady named Janet." As for settling this on-air, Tavakoli has already told the FTshe's declined previous invitations from CNBC, and if she's thinking there'll be another offer, think again. "I wouldn't debate her. She's a nobody, she's a publicity hound," CG said. "I'd rather debate Lucas Van Praag."