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Charlie Gasparino Explains The Moisture On His Upper Lip

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The FTprofiles Charlie Gasparino today, and while most of the anecdotes in the piece will be familiar to the Dealbreaker audience (the "What have you got" incident, this fight with Dennis Kneale, the time CG told Lance Armstrong to have a "shitty fucking dinner," San Pietro, San Pietro, San Pietro, his dad was an iron worker, he and Felix Salmon aren't on the best of terms, the biggest regret of his life was not participating in the Golden Gloves contest, and watching his sparring partner make it to the semi-finals was extremely painful) we do finally get an answer to a question that has plagued many of you. It hasn't been an issue recently, but remember those (harrowing) occasions when CG would appear on-air with an extremely distracting glistening on his upper lip? Was it the residue of a glazed donut? Bad lighting? The combination of a few too many cocktails at Tropix and a busted AC unit? Now we know.

Gasparino did not take easily to the demands of television. He recalls one early appearance when he had been out drinking the night before and arrived at the New York studio on a summer morning with a hangover, to find that the air conditioning was not yet on. "I went on air and I did my hit and I thought I did it really well, but I noticed a pool of sweat here on my lip. I guess I was half detoxing and half reacting to the fact that there was no AC. Then my phone rings and it was Claudine, [CNBC president] Mark Hoffman's secretary. She says: 'Can you please hold for Mark?' And I was, 'Oh God, what did I do?'
"He says: 'Hey Charlie, how are you doing? You're doing a great job, but I need to ask you a question.' I said: 'What's that?' He said: 'Have you ever seen the Nixon-Kennedy debates?' I said: 'Yeah.' He says: 'Well, you're not Kennedy. Get some make-up! What are they doing over there? Don't they have any powder?'"