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Charlie Gasparino Reporting Live From From A Vegas Bathhouse

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Earlier this afternoon on a Closing Bell segment, Charlie Gasparino reported that UBS is considering, among others, Sallie Krawcheck, Bob McCann, and James Gorman for head of US Wealth Management. He did the hit over the phone, since, as you all know, the big man's been in Vegas for the better part of a week. At one point, Charlie seemed flummoxed and we wondered if we had another "what you got" situation on our hands. So, we placed a call to CG, who cleared the air. Let's just say there's a young male in the desert who should strongly consider watching his back.
His voice shaking and clearly shook up, Chaz told us that prior to the segment, he'd just gotten back from a six mile run, and "wanted to take a whirlpool." So he went on down to the spa area at the Bellagio, where he's staying, and tucked in for a soak. Ten minutes into the R&R sesh, Gaspo gets a tip about UBS, and calls into CNBC to let them know. Everything's going fine, he's reporting his shit, when all of a sudden "a towel boy comes out of nowhere and starts screaming at me." What was he saying, we asked Chazpo. "Sir, there are no phones allowed here. Get off the phone immediately, sir!" the boy screamed at CG. Startled, Charlie made a move to get out the tub, but apparently wasn't moving fast enough. "All of a sudden, this kid's on my ass," he told us. "This fuckin' guy chases me out, into the lobby-- I barely had time to put my robe on!" It was essentially a really traumatizing experience. CG's okay now, but we'd suggest towel boy do himself a favor and get out of town.