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Cody Willard: Goldman Sachs Is A Ponzi Scheme, Should Be Punished Accordingly

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Following up on yesterday's call to fix the economy by prosecuting Lloyd Blankfein, Willard continues:

Yeah, when the tens of billions of dollars of state money that could have helped fix health care wasn't enough, Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman, just kept right on denying that he and his firms were insolvent because they'd gambled at casinos without bothering to make sure the house could actually pay off the bets being offered, and he went out and convinced Buffett and other investors that since the state was going to cover any losses that the firm might have at their own casino anyway, he might as well put in a little bit of his money to catch some upside.
Why doesn't someone send someone to prison for this stuff? It's clearly illegal, no?

Goldman Sachs vs America - heads I win, tails you lose [The Cody Word]