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Comp Watch '09: AIG, Morgan Stanley

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So, AIG was supposed to be paying senior executives millions in bonuses today, but Reuters is now reporting that the plan has hit a bump in the road, that bump being Kenneth Feinberg. AIG, of course, put in a request with the Compensation Cop for permission make it rain like weeks ago but Kenny hasn't given them the go-ahead just yet. What's the hold up some antsy employees, shooting off e-mails to Ed Liddy, Subject: "I Gots To Get PAID," would like to know? Apparently some BS about having to convince Feinberg they deserve it, will be good this time, and have "struck the right balance to discourage excessive risk taking and reward performance." In happier dolla dolla billz news, Morgan Stanley has set aside 72% of revenue for employee pay, prompting Brad Hintz to note, "It was a very good quarter to be a Morgan Stanley employee. I'm not so sure it was so good to be a Morgan Stanley shareholder." Oh yeah, he went there.