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Could You Live In A Cave, On Zero Dollars A Day?

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I'm not asking if you'd want to, I'm asking if you could. For many of you it won't come to that, and for those receiving record bonuses this year, the question isn't so much could you live in a cave but when will I be able to move into the sweet manse I bought from a Mexican drug lord? But not everyone will be so lucky and we need to prepare you for a reality that may be just around the corner by asking, could you hack it? Daniel Suelo can and seems to be pretty happy doing so, by choice, for the almost decade. If the answer is fuck to the no, there's no shame in that, and remember, if you've been saving, you can always pitch a tent in Brooklyn.
In related news, the heir-apparent to Berkshire Hathaway, Ajit Jain, will be living not in a cave but Marc Dreier's old pad, which he outbid 45 people to land for $8.2 million. The pad overlooks the Queensboro Bridge and came with a signed photo of Dreier and Diana Ross.
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