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Did Goldman Sachs Lobby To Have Maxine Waters Named One Of DC's Most Beautiful?

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First off, let's just get it out there that we think the seventy year old Maxine Waters is a sexy, sexy lady. But: her placement, in the top five no less, on The Hill's annual list of the most doable people in the district seems suspect. With a couple exceptions (Senator John Warner, 81 and the 19 year old daughter of Representative Zach Wamp made the cut), everyone is mostly in their 20's and considered "government employee hot." Is this some sort of attempt on Lloyd Blankfein's part to butter the girl up? Make her feel good about herself? Get M-dubs to consider a late-in life career change that would remove her from 85B's ass? We already know GS has been trying out some new tactics on opponents, and with mounting evidence that Waters is planning to physically assault LB next time she sees him, it wouldn't be that crazy to assume they had a hand in this. Anyway, in case you were wondering:

One aspect of Waters's signature look -- along with her stylish glasses -- is her impressively high footwear.
Her leg strength must come from years as a runner. But because of an injury, Waters has recently switched to swimming as her exercise of choice. Most of her cardio, though, surely comes from her first love in personal activities: antique shopping.