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Do You Hate Ruth Madoff Because She's A Lady?

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Before you answer that, please behold the latest accounting of what Lady MacMadoff has been forced to give up due to her good for nothing husband, one of which, objectively speaking, was a huge sacrifice. First off, there's the New York Times subscription, which the US Attorney's office deemed too extravagant. Not that big a deal (and she could always read it online), though sad for the paper, which obviously could've used the money. Then there's her fur coat. When the Feds seized the Madoff's penthouse at 133 East 64th Street last week, Ruthie asked to depart for points unknown (*though presumably some place cold, or a pawn shop) with the chinchilla on her back and was categorically shot down. Finally, the HBO. For the past six months, Mrs. Madoff has been forced to subsist on basic cable a sacrifice that wouldn't have bothered the old girl were it not for the fact that she's loved Danny McBride since The Foot Fist Way, and missed the entire season of Eastbound and Down, which potentially could've helped her make it through these very difficult days. Okay, now for why you do or don't hate Ruthskie. According to NYM, it's because she's female.

Ruth's problem seems to be a particularly female one. "It's the gender politics of the culture," says Gloria Steinem. "It's easier to blame the person with less power." And, she adds, why aren't people blaming her sons? "They would be much more likely to be in cahoots, because they were in the same professional field. And the answer is, they're men, that's why."

True/false? Is this an ovaries thing? Or is it a she-worked-the-books-for-Bernie-for-many-years-and-had-to-have-known-the-operation-was-a-scam thing? Or does it possibly have something to do with her only issuing a statement of sympathy for victims only after it seemed like there was a chance she'd be going downtown herself thing? As for Mark and Andy, we can't speak to what others are thinking but it seems like, while the boys really are getting their fair share of badpress, people are going easier on them than Ruth because they legitimately come off as imbeciles* and there's the argument that you can't go after those with the minds of childs.
*If this was a calculated move, bravo.