Do You Want More Drury? And Who Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Get Her?


Not all but some (of the more perceptive ones in the bunch) have noticed a new face and tongue on CNBC this week. It's Amanda Drury, and she's on loan from CNBC Asia, guesting over in Englewood Cliffs while certain money honeys max and relax in anticipation of the holiday weekend (and jump ship to Bloomberg TV). I haven't yet discussed the particulars with network execs or the INS but assuming we've got some pull do you:

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As a follow-up, if you answered yes, who should get kicked off to make room for Big D (all CNBC on-air employees bunk together so it's not personal but merely a matter of available beds)? You can't say Dennis Kneale, as it's too easy. To that end, we've decided to stop referring to DK by his given name in print, in an effort to fuck up Google Alert ego boosts, and need an alternative. Do you worst.


Want To Wake Up With Mandy Drury?

Or Becky Quick? Or Andrew Ross Sorkin? Joe Kernen? Jim Cramer? Because you think it would be a pleasant way to start the morning or, alternatively, a horrifying way sure to get you out of bed without delay? Now you can!

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