Down On Luck Investment Adviser Needs Job, Will Whip You Up A Cupcake Of Gratitude

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Specifically Robin Katz would like to "become a stockbroker at Oppenheimer or Carrington Fox," but is willing to be flexible. Previous job experience includes working as a financial planner at JPMorgan Chase. As for references, those are going to be slightly difficult to procure, as Katz is kind of in a bad spot with her former employer, on account of creating an extra ATM card in one of her client's names, and helping herself to like $100,000 or so, starting in 2008 (so over the course of a year, really not that much and the guy only noticed a month ago, prompting Big K to hightail it back to her family's house for a medical emergency in California). Hobbies, as you can see, seemingly include baking, as well as "shopping and going out." The Post, I think, I'm not sure, but I think is trying to suggest to us that Katz is something of a harlot ("...on her my space page, her interests include: "Politics: F-- Bush. Sex: F-- Me." Several photos show her skydiving, playing in a zero-gravity simulator and posing alluringly in a tight, low-cut top with her hands behind her head.") but that's all hearsay and speculation. Anyway, if anyone's interested, a signing bonus or advance could really be useful at this time, as Rob is currently held on $50,000 bail at Rikers Island.