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Dylan Ratigan Giving Former Colleagues Run For Their Money

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Been watching Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC much? We had every intention to do so, but the bottom line is it would require effort to flip the channel over from CNBC and we just can't quit Mark Haines even for a second. MarketWatch's Jon Friedman has, however, and while he loves the DRat, needs to get several gripes off his chest.
1) Ratigan has a brain up in that dome piece of his, but isn't being allowed to use it, or show off his riffing skills like he did on Fast Money, on account of being locked into a script. Friedman wants him improving, moving around the set, sticking his face in the camera, tap dancing and perhaps opening with some jokes.
2) Guests, and the issue of credibility. Friedman was disappointed that MSNBC allowed everyone's favorite prostie connoisseur even into the studio, let alone on the set of Ratigan's show because it made DRat look, by extension, like a cheap hooker. To this we say, how dare you? Spitzer injects credibility into everything he touches.
3) Bizarre non-sequiturs:

His references to the New York Knicks' bloated salary structure and on-the-court futility was a strange counterpoint to a discussion about the endless wrangling over a solution to the health-care mess in Washington.

4) Asking a question then cutting his guest off before giving him a chance to answer that yes, Ashley does move her hips like a cyclone and he didn't have to pay extra to wear the Scream mask while doing her from behind:

Ratigan's greatest weakness as an interviewer is that he constantly interrupts people. There is a fine line between being ebullient and looking manic or, at the very least, impolite. In what may be a personal best even for him, he needed less than 10 minutes to interrupt every one of his guests to open Tuesday's show.

What Friedman fails get is that this is how it's done on CNBC and old habits die hard. Also, Ratigan is probably still half expecting to get shocked with an electric current to the nipples if he lets more than 15 seconds go by without accosting a guest, which is how they do it in Englewood Cliffs.
Our biggest gripe? Starts with a 'Car people' ends with a 'NOT ENOUGH MACKE.'