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Fairfield Greenwich Exec/Son-in-Law Sailing Through The Pain

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Every so often we like to check in and see how the victims of the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time are coping in the aftermath. Bernie's doing great, making friends and earning the respect of his fellow criminals on the cell block. Ruth is house hunting. Mark is being a dick on Nantucket. Kevin Bacon is hurting, but will likely dance again one day soon. And how 'bout those Noels? Walter, Monica and the five girls, all of whom were pretty negatively affected by the scam, owing to the fact that 4/5 of their husbands went to work for daddy, so when the bitch went down it went down hard. Are they hiding out in some undisclosed southern Connecticut bunker? Are they sitting around a 1-bedroom apartment over a pizza place they all moved into cursing the day Bernie Madoff came into their lives? Are they filling out applications at Beamers? No! They're partaying on a yacht. Vicky Ward reports that Andrés Piedrahita, husband of Corina, and the FFG exec responsible for bringing in all that sweet Colombian cash recently bought himself a boat and has never been better.

Look no further than the website of luxury yacht sellers Camper and Nicholsons to see pictures of "Oxygen" the new €22,000,000.00 custom-made boat that Piedrahita, took possession of in June. He is now cruising the Adriatic with wife Corina Noel and their children. I am told he has plans to cruise around the Dalmatian coast and Corfu.

Recently he has been spotted in St. Tropez and in Venice. Over the weekend I was with financiers who say they've seen him out and about as if nothing ever went awry in his life. Acquaintances believe this blatant vacationing is "a tremendous risk" -- no doubt referring to the very angry Latin Americans who allegedly gave him money to invest and could not legally declare it. I have heard he would be unwise to set foot in certain places around the globe, people are so furious with him.