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Fashion Meets Finance Participants May Not Be Who They Say They Are

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This is a little warning to those of you who took a gander at the RVSP list for next week's event celebrating the supposed end of the recession and decided, "I like what I see." You're probably being taken for a ride. From a very breathless mailbag:

I noticed that you covered the last Fashion meets Finance event in January. I wanted to let you know about their current fashion identity theft scandal!
On the FMF page, there is a link to "see who's coming." I figured I might know some people in my industry attending so I scrolled down to see if there was anyone I recognized...turns out there was!
As I scrolled down I noticed Shelley Abrahmson, a location scout for American Apparel who makes under $50,000 (yes, they list salaries). Her photo looked strangely familiar so I clicked to enlarge and find a photo OF MY FACE!!! Obviously I am not Shelley Abrahmson, I am a fashion publicist who is outraged that they stole my photo (probably from Facebook) and are using it to make their deceivingly fake list look elevated. I hope that you will expose this to your readers.

Of course, this isn't the first time someone used a picture that wasn't them when signing up for a FMF night to remember but it's upsetting nonetheless. As for the pissant who RSVP'ed for a certain someone in Stamford-- check yourself. Big Poppa showed up to last year's event, told his wingman, "If I wanted to tap a bunch of low-hanging fruit I'd lay siege to my trading floor," left after five minutes, and vowed he'd never come back to one of these things again. What's more, he signed up for a mixer at Hula Hanks happening the same day like, weeks ago, and couldn't make it even if he wanted to.