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Fashion Meets Finance: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

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Oh hell no.

To: DealBreaker
From: [redacted at JPMorgan]
Subject: More FMF identity theft
I scanned the Fashion Meets Finance RVSP list for Dimonites and looked them up in the JPM phonebook (yeah, I have nothing to do). Anyway, many people are wildly overstating their positions and salaries. For example, [redacted] is not an investment manager, but rather "marketing support" (probably helps write the monthly employee newsletter) and likely doesn't make $200k-$300k as he claims. What a fraud.

What the? But you said? I thought? we can't trust anything these shmucks tell us afterall?

To: DealBreaker
From: [redacted at Goldman Sachs]
Subject: FMF identity theft Goldman edition
Bess, i scanned the Goldman directory for these FMF people. Only two people from that list actually work for the firm, both of which overstated their salaries drastically.