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Florida Regulators Almost Make The SEC Look Good

Based on what Florida regulators decided not to pursue to investigate when visiting the Miami offices of Sir Allen's empire, it appears the agency had zero tolerance policy- for working. When regulators asked to see company records supporting the contention that investor money had been appropriately invested, they were simply told there weren't any. In the face of this convincing explanation, which closed the matter, regulators pressed on and looked at the small matter of the pouches being stuffed with checks and (taking a page out of the innocent Hank Greenberg's playbook) loaded onto private jets headed for Antigua. When they showed up in 2001 hoping to record a Kodak moment with the Caribbean-bound pouches, they were saddened to learn there were no outbound departures that day and then didn't return to Stanford's offices for another four years. Only in this age of personal responsibility could you find a $24 billion lawsuit against a sovereign nation for an alleged cover up at the same time the agencies that transparently let it happen go untouched.