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Get In Touch With Bernie Madoff

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Great news for ripped off Madoff investors and school children alike! For the last few months, both groups have been dying to get in touch with the guy, either to tell him how much he sucks or to continue what was a pretty lively pen-pal relationship before the shit hit the fan. Unfortunately, there was some skittish-ness about sending mail to a correctional facility and the lines of communication dried up. Now, thanks to the good people at, we're back in the B-boy zone.

Whether you were one of his victims or not, now's your chance to tell him how you feel. Send your letters, drawing, poems, photographs, posters, collages, doodes, and other Madoff correspondence to On every six-month anniversary of Madoff's prison term, we'll send your submissions to Madoff's prison cell in a MadoffMail Care Package.

[via P6]