GM To Offer 1-Click Purchasing

The new GM is set to change it ways and get it off on the right foot by focusing some of its efforts on the cash rich empire known as California. GM has partnered with eBay to allow Californians to bid for new cars online and forgo the hassle of heading to the dealership and test driving a car before purchasing it. But CEO Fritz Henderson knows this is a bit of a long shot and is going to wait and see what happens before going full-throttle with this creative nugget.

"Experiments are experiments ... You don't roll them out until you figure out if they work. We are excited about it, but I wouldn't commit to rolling it out more broadly until we find out if it's successful."

A couple tweaks to Paypal to process IOUs and GM will be right back on its normal course.
GM tests new sales pitch on eBay [Reuters]