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Goldman Sachs Employee Takes One For The Team

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As you're aware, the PR department over at 85 Broad has been working overtime to get people to stop talking trash about how the bank owns the government, would screw a hobo for a nickel, and could just generally buy your life. All of that is for the most part true, but the bad press is starting to grate, so attempts are being made to ingratiate the Masters of the Universe to the peasants like yourselves. Demonstrate that they're just regular guys with regular problems. So even though, in reality, anyone with a GS ID could get any woman they want, they've started to do stuff like pay for sex, and troll for underage tail on the internet, like a common man/Citi employee:

A lawyer for Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs was caught in a sting operation aimed at perverts who solicit young girls for sex, officials said Tuesday.
Todd Genger, 33, is accused of trying to lure an underage teen with explicit chat on the Internet and then traveling to Westchester to consummate the cyber-affair.
In reality, the "girl" Genger was chasing was an undercover investigator posing as a teen in the chat room, the Westchester County district attorney's office said.

Genger, a Manhattan resident who is married and has three children, was snared after a series of Internet conversations that began April 13 and ended Monday, officials said.
The investigator was posing as a 15-year-old and made it clear "she" was underage, said Lucien Chalfen, a spokesman for the district attorney.

Update: More coverage at Going Concern.