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Goldman Should Be Flattered By The Sergey Deal

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Yesterday afternoon, Matthew Goldstein suggested there was a possibility that Twinkle Toes Aleynikov had felt he'd been stiffed by Goldman re: compensation (Serge was paid $400,000 as a computer programmer last year), supplemental income from dancing apparently not covering the bills. That's presumably why he left 85 Broad to go work for Teza Technologies, which was set to throw $1.2 million his way before he ran in to some legal issues and was suspended without pay. Rob Cox at BreakingViews is now thinking that, while Teza probably (though not definitely) didn't explicitly tell 'Nikov his take-home was getting tripled with the expectation he'd show up for the first day of work having ripped off his former employer, there might've been some nodding and winking to that effect. If not the secret codes than something, anything from the building that the start-up could've gotten some mileage out of, be it GS pens or Lloyd Blankfein's essence, sucked out by Serge during one dangerous (but worth it) mission to the men's room. And if you think about it, instead of getting their panties in a bunch over a coupla jacked megabytes of data, the Masters o' the U should be looking at this whole thing as a source of pride. Everybody wants a piece of their shit.


A Goldman Education [BreakingViews]


When The History Books On Sergey Aleynikov Are Written, They May Include Transcripts Of A Heated Debate About An Avocado And A Sandwich

"Hey, what the hell are you doing with that avocado?!" "I KNOW you didn't just put a piece of lettuce on my sandwich??" [A struggle over deli meat ensues]

Sergey Aleynikov Is Dancing Again

One thing that I may have mentioned here is that, before I was lured to the blogging industry by the outrageous lucre on offer, I worked at this little establishment called Goldman Sachs. One thing that I probably haven't told you, but that I've mentioned to a few friends and co-workers, is that due to some frankly inexplicable confusion, the time between my telling people "I am leaving to go work for Dealbreaker" and my being escorted out of the building by active-duty Navy SEALS was somewhat longer than you might expect (viz. several nanoseconds). One thing that I've never told anybody, so let's keep it between us, is that I made good use of the delay to download certain files to a flash drive. I won't discuss all the details, since I'm using some of those files to set up my own high-frequency insider trading fund, but I will mention that with the right codes the voice recorders in the GS elevators can be accessed remotely.* One reason I never told anyone about this before is that Goldman takes it badly when people take stuff with them on the way out, and has a tendency to react by having them imprisoned for the better part of a decade. After today, though, it looks like I'm good to go: