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Goldman's Pre-fight Smack Talk

You could probably hear the thoughts going through the head of Goldman's #1 groupie when she got wind of GS commodity index risk management head, Don Casturo's, take on curbing speculation. A nice mixture of 'see- I told you they were evil', 'why am I the only person who knows what's up with those guys' and 'I really need to borrow that rat' has probably been on constant repeat.
Casturo threw gallons of fuel onto Mad Max's fire by telling the CFTC that curbing speculation could wind up doing more harm than good.

"Some of the courses of action that have been proposed not only will fail to address the perceived harms but also will have unintended consequences that may be disruptive to liquidity and the markets generally"

It looks like Lloyd & Co. are itching for a fight and that rat is going to be very busy in August,