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Government Rewarded For Loan Modification Program By Being Sued

This is probably not the type of response the Obama administration was aiming for when it set up the Home Affordable Modification Program. While the program aims to keep risky borrowers in their homes, a loan modification advocacy group, the Foreclosure Law Relief Project, is less than pleased that lenders are still rejecting modification applicants and going after everybody involved in the process. The current list of defendants in their lawsuit includes the Treasury Department, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. It seems the real culprit that Tim Geithner may have to answer for is why modification decisions are made "under a cloak of secrecy". If the government hadn't been so slow working out an agreement with CNBC to provide constant coverage from inside the credit committee room of each lender so they could break headlines like 'Jones family just misses keeping their house', this never would have been a problem.