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Greenlight Capital: We Are Not Doing As Well As Our Performance Might Suggest

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I don't think we have to tell you this, but there are some hedge fund managers whose cheeks we just want to pinch. Noted porn star David Einhorny is one of them. Greenlight Capital LP, Greenlight Capital Qualified LP, and Greenlight Capital Offshore have earned 21.5%, 19.7%, and 17.3%, year to date respectively, and while some guys would writing investors to suggest they "suck on this prestige," the Green Lantern is saying, no, no, please, we are not the BSDs our power rings might indicate. Such modesty! Doesn't it just make you want to squeeze the li'l guy? Of course, he included printable 8x11's of the glamour shot at left, but he's only human, and it was the best day.

Full letter below.

GreenLanternSecondQuarterLetter.pdf [PDF]