Has Bernie Madoff Already Started Paying People Off?


Specifically whoever's in charge of his file at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, perhaps? Take a gander at this:

As one of the math whizzes among us just pointed out, it looks like someone has decided that Ponz-Boy is getting out in 130 years, and not the 150 Judge Denny Chin sentenced him to. We're pretty sure he does not have a chance for parole, and even if he did, wouldn't we cross that bridge at a later date, rather than (very) prematurely assuming it's gonna happen? We need a prison expert in the hizzous to tell us what the hell is going on here. Is this a typo? Did the clock start 20 years back on account of a decision by those who decide such things that living under Ruth's freaky ass rules was probably as good as being locked up?