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Have You Cut Down On Banging In The Office?

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A "new" article-by-numbers is out today discussing the fact that the recession is affecting people's love lives. Naturally, John Carney would like to know if that translates to less on the job fucking. Carney's conducting an actual survey, not just fact-finding for his personal amusement, so let's do him a solid with some hard data. If the matter of getting things going isn't an issue, are you more likely to err on the side of caution these days, out of fear that security tapes of you fornicating on the desk might put your job security at risk? Or are you more likely to say, fuck it, let's do this? The dearly departed Keith Hahn loves to regale me with tales of a former colleague of his who "used to take down people in the JPM trading floor bathroom like nobody's business." But that was circa 2005 when you could do practically anything. For the Dimonettes in the group is that venue still fair game? Is there less on-site banging but more one-man QT in the handicapped stall, especially around bonus time? Are our favorite southern CT shemales f-blasting each other on big money days? Are there any firms where this sort of behavior is a-okay, as long as no one's getting hurt (possibly one of the more outside the box thinking hedge funds)? In these difficult times, are some employers going to so far as to facilitate interoffice action, with mood lighting and aphrodisiacs? Or is it pretty much explicitly frowned upon? Let's get into this.


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