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How To Pay For Andrew Hall's Bonus

While Kenneth Feinberg tries to come up with some way to misrepresent a $100 million payout to a trader as egregious or unwarranted given the circumstances, it appears Washington isn't taking any chances. With Citi starting to run low on pieces it can pawn to remain profitable quarter after quarter, the government's adopted bank may have to look to DC to open its wallet to help pay up. This $100 million may not have been contemplated in the earlier series of Citi bailouts but a new government initiative curiously seeks to clear out just enough space to pay a certain energy trader.
The White House announced a list of 77 spending cuts as part of its "100 million savings challenge". Thanks to such initiatives as agencies printing documents on both sides of the paper, cramming in more soldiers on certain flights, and disbanding the agency in charge of enforcing workplace regulation and workers' rights rules (the Employment Standards Administration), it looks like enough pennies will be collected should Andrew Hall threaten Citi's viability.