Jamie Dimon And Rahm Emanuel's Relationship Hits Bump In Road


And that bump is the media, specifically the tabloid known as the New York Times, with its prying eyes, and cameras, and insistence on ruining something beautiful, just like it's done to many a celebrity couple, and just like it's threatening to do to this pair. You wouldn't have thought they'd grow to be as close as they are today (or were), after Emanuel turned down a job offer from JD at Citi but against all odds they became the best of buds. Tight. Shoulders to cry on. Each other's rocks when times got tough, such as when Dimon got fired, and Rahm-bo that pulled him out of the dark hour with a supportive phone call and a figurative/possibly literally squeeze. "He's not afraid to express his opinions and I'm not afraid to express mine," Rahm-bone (JD's pet name) said recently. Now, comes word (from the publication that wink-winked previously that there was something against-god's plan going on) that Emanuel has canceled on Jamie Dimon, who invited Obama's chief of staff to a very special JPM board meeting, after promising he would be there, so as not to send the wrong message. And what would that be? That he's embarrassed to let the world know this is real? This is how it starts.