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Jamie Dimon Running Around On Lloyd Blankfein

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If LB thought last week's dinner at Barbone was going to be the start of a standing Thursday night date with Jamie Dimon, girlfriend thought wrong. While the Goldman Sachs CEO spent last night washing his hair, JD was wining and dining with Melissa Francis (and JPMorgan vice-chairman Jimmy Lee) at Rao's. Was it as special as the ex-TARP babies' time together? Hard to say. Things did start out a bit rocky, on account of the restaurant being unable to fill J to the D's Tanqueray martini order (they were out of gin,* and, for reasons lost on us, no one thought to move their ass to a liquor store in what would've been not that much of an effort to keep our favorite boy-toy CEO happy), but drastically improved after several bottles of red were consumed. I don't want to upset Li'l Blanks too much, but it was a pretty late night, with everyone leaving sufficiently hammered. Want to get a competitive edge? A suggestion: start filling out your bra.
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*The picture is not from last night/Rao's, but another restaurant, where management has its shit together.