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Jeffrey Epstein, Comin' At Ya

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Mark your calendars, girls! Massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein is expected to peace out of the Florida prison he's been bunking at in the next several weeks. The exit is mostly a symbolic gesture (Big J has been allowed to leave the jail from 10am to 10 pm, six days a week to conduct business out of his Palm Beach office as part of a work release program) but that's just the sort of thing we need these days. In not as joyous news, Epstein's former guy/gal-pal, transgendered model Maximilia née Maximilian Cordero, has lost her her libel and defamation lawsuit against the Post. Max had taken issue with an article by the paper entitled "Gender-Bend Shocker: Kinky-Sex Suit Gal Is a Man," which detailed, among other things, her predilection for pills and "masturbatory fantasy" of "being with multiple men and then multiple women." According to Cordero's lawyer/ex-boyfriend (and noted blogger) William Unroch, the facts were fiction and gave the impression that his client/ex-girlfriend was a "promiscuous slut." The case was thrown out last week, which must certainly be a blow to MC, though looking on the bright side of things, Epstein will soon be available with a shoulder to cry on, etc.
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