Jeffrey Epstein, Comin' At Ya


Mark your calendars, girls! Massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein is expected to peace out of the Florida prison he's been bunking at in the next several weeks. The exit is mostly a symbolic gesture (Big J has been allowed to leave the jail from 10am to 10 pm, six days a week to conduct business out of his Palm Beach office as part of a work release program) but that's just the sort of thing we need these days. In not as joyous news, Epstein's former guy/gal-pal, transgendered model Maximilia née Maximilian Cordero, has lost her her libel and defamation lawsuit against the Post. Max had taken issue with an article by the paper entitled "Gender-Bend Shocker: Kinky-Sex Suit Gal Is a Man," which detailed, among other things, her predilection for pills and "masturbatory fantasy" of "being with multiple men and then multiple women." According to Cordero's lawyer/ex-boyfriend (and noted blogger) William Unroch, the facts were fiction and gave the impression that his client/ex-girlfriend was a "promiscuous slut." The case was thrown out last week, which must certainly be a blow to MC, though looking on the bright side of things, Epstein will soon be available with a shoulder to cry on, etc.
Jeffrey Epstein And His Special Friend [Cityfile]