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Jim Cramer Knocks Another One Out Of The Park

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Lenny Dykstra has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This wouldn't be so tough to take if we could comfort ourselves by the idea of Nails returning home to his Thousand Oaks manse but, oh, right, the place is set to hit the auction block tomorrow. Right about now you could say we're feeling a high level of rage and luckily, we know exactly where to direct it: Jim Cramer. This, we're putting it out there, is all Jim Cramer's fault. Not because he fired Lenny from his gig, "Nails by the Numbers," in which Dykstra dispensed investment advice to subscribers, but for JC's bold call made back in March 2008, when Cramer told Bob Costas, "Lenny Dykstra is one of the greats in this business," which obviously put a curse on Len's head, as did Cramer's insistence on wearing a Nails jersey to bed every night. We've said it before and we'll say it again: an on-air apology is in order, as is a year's supply of dip, a simple pleasure which LD can no longer afford.
In related news, we're suggesting you cut your losses and run, Ron Insana.