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Ladies Love Cool James

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James Dimon that is-- and it's not just the ladies. The government, the people, the press, the president-- everyone wants to break themselves off a piece of that. While many, ourselves included, have been worshiping at the Church of JD for sometime now, mostly because there's just something so right about the way he'll cut people down with dismissive statements (Guy Moszkowski and Vikram Pandit know what we're talking about) and because he is a regulation hottie, everyone is now taking a ride on the Dimon bandwagon.
At New York, Heidi Moore has anointed the CEO both a king and (Greek) God, noting that while four banks recorded profits in the multi-billions last week, the media quickly dismissed those Goldman (because GS is, according to some, spawn of Satan) and Citi/BofA (because, you know), throwing panties only in the direction of one: JPMorgan. Additionally, "Main Street" doesn't want him dead, which is more than a few of his colleagues can say. Over at the Times, we're told that Jamie has a direct line to Rahm Emanuel, and that the King is the only one on earth who can make Rahm-bo's knees weak. Also, the Gray Lady takes pains to make sure we know that even though Goldman made more money than JPMorgan last quarter, Dimon is significantly taller than Lloyd Blankfein and as you ladies all know, height counts.
But maybe you've yet to be convinced J-Diz is something to get worked up over? Maybe you need a little more proof that it's not just the press and the peasants who want somea that? Perhaps a celeb endorsement?

During one such meeting in late March, as Citigroup's chairman, Richard D. Parsons, was trying to explain banks and lending, the president interrupted with a quip: "All right, I'll talk to Jamie."

Burn! It's unfortunate, of course, that the anecdote had to involve a Citi official, since, let's be honest, the explanation probably really didn't make any sense at all and somehow involved Charleston Chews, and given the choice between getting a lesson in the money from someone who works at C and someone who works at JPM, you gotta go with the latter but the fact remains: suck it, Parsons et al. The Prez only has eyes for his boy (toy CEO).


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