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Lenny Dykstra Loves The Hate, Urges Creditor Clowns To Bring It On, Bro

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I bet a lot of you probably thought that Lenny Dykstra wouldn't be happy with the fact that he's several pounds, concussions and meth binges removed from his fighting weight, and that anyone who's ever done business with the guy is now claiming he owes them big money. Well think again, derelicts! Nails, pictured here chewing on his favorite combo of dip and Twizzlers, absolutely loves it. He knows every single claim is unfounded bull, filed by crooks (WaMu especially, and by extension, Jamie Dimon). Here are some thoughts LD shared on the matter this weekend. On a personal note, now, more than ever, our offer of a columnist gig for the wordsmith, who seems to have only gotten more poetic with each blow to the skull, stands:

"F------ derelicts," Dykstra snaps about his growing list of hostile ex-business partners. "Where's a real respected businessman in our society who's suing me? We don't see one, do we?" Of his creditors, Dykstra says, "Look at these clowns...I love it, baby...Pile it on, bro."

As for countersuits, which will be filed just as soon as L to the D and his lawyer figure out how fill out the forms, Nails warns: "It's gonna be a big old ... right hook, and it's gonna take a lot of people down." On a related note, Kevin Coughlin, a former executive at Dykstra's magazine, "The Players Club," has diagnosed LD as exhibiting signs of "a classic psychopath," which Coughlin, showing no appreciation for the fact that this condition allows the big man to call out a fucking derelict clown when he sees one, seems to imply is a bad thing.